Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

At Inner West Carpet Cleaning, we come armed with loads of experience to endow you with the best service in the entire New South Wales area. Our solid principles of work have today made us the most talked about carpet cleaning company in Inner West Sydney.

Our strong values that we stick to no matter what are:

  1. Consistent carpet cleaning experience the first time, every time
  2. Service available around the clock 24/7
  3. Latest carpet cleaning equipments used to deliver superior results
  4. No subcontractors and highly qualified team of experts
  5. Ideally located to cater to all of Inner West suburbs

There are multiple reasons why Carpet Cleaning Inner West is regarded as the best in the business. The most critical being the use of modern 400psi hot water and steam withdrawal machines to clean carpets. We simply spray a unique cleaning solution with hot water on the carpet.

Special organic ingredients in the solution loosen the muck, dirty, soil and bring them to the surface. Now, in a suction method we extract almost all of this liquid from your carpet, leaving it fresh, clean and smelling as new. Your carpet will be as good as new in less than three hours and all your carpets will be free of allergens, germs and other pollutants.

Carpet Cleaning Inner West Is Different Carpet Cleaning Company

We guarantee what we give in quote - We will execute exactly what we promise in our quote and only more. We guarantee our carpet cleaning services. Feel free to call Carpet Cleaning Inner West back if you are not satisfied.

We offer FREE quotes for all jobs - We will always give you a free estimate of the job and there will be no verbal assurances. Our client’s services team will ensure that you know beforehand about how much you will be exactly spending before the job.

We use a superior carpet cleaning system - We always come to do the carpet steam cleaning job with our cleaning units that are professional. It basically consists of a hose fitted to a large tank that sucks out the cleaning liquid for the carpet.

All our experts are certified from IICRC -All our carpet cleaning professionals in Inner West have loads of experience and are fully qualified to do the job professionally. Extensive background checks have been done before hiring them; be rest assured about their reliability.

We have plenty of references from satisfied, repeat clients - On request, we will be able to provide you with details of previous clients in New South Wales who are satisfied with our carpet cleaning services and are willing to speak to you about it.

All our experts and technicians are insured - All our team members are fully trained and experienced. You are not worry for your carpet cleaning needs.

Local Reviews

  • These guys do a great job and are very fast. Will call them every year now. Heather - Booth Street, Annandale
  • My carpet is in my dining room so it gets a lot of traffic. They restored it back to its original color. Job well done!Charlotte - Illawarra Road, Marrickville
  • I have used other cleaners too. But these guys were too good. They did it quick and results are just awesome.Leonard - Burwood Road, Burwood
  • I have just moved and here and this cleaning team was a boon. I know now whom to ring in Inner West the next time I need to have my carpets cleaned.Irma - Wigram Road, Glebe
  • The team went a step ahead in getting rid of all spots and stains. I told them that I was suffering from asthma and the people who came over for carpet cleaning took special interest in educating me on all steps that Inner West Carpet Cleaning takes to make sure people like me have no trouble with carpets at all.Deborah - King Street, Newtown

How Our Carpet Cleaning Service Works

1.The visit prior to cleaning - Our team will visit your home and request you to remove safely any valuables or handle with care items from the rooms where cleaning will happen. The moving of heavy furniture will be done by us on the day the team arrives.

2. During the execution - We will do a thorough inspection of the area and categorize items in to very dirty or heavy traffic. Explain the process we have decided for your items, in detail with you. Move the furniture, except items like armoires, pianos or cabinets with china.

3. Pre spotting of all tough stains - We use our unique Super Spotter on all tough stains on the surface, to make the cleaning more effective. We now pre vacuum all the open spaces to remove any loose soil and dirt.

4. Clean the carpet using our steam method - Now using our environment friendly method we apply or spray a cleaning fluid mixed with hot water on the surface of the carpet. Then using our 100% cotton bonnets and a carpet cleaner in rotary motion, we extract all the debris and soil that has been lifted to the surface.

5. Post Grooming - After we are fully satisfied with the cleaning degree, we now take special care of the fibers of the carpet, fluff the pile, to make it look fresh and soft.

6. Move the furniture back - Not finished yet, we now place the furniture back in its place and keep protective pads below the carpets to prevent staining.

7. Wait for your approval - Once our services are complete, we invite you to take a round and give a final approval and ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Once we finish our job, the carpet may feel a little damp to touch. But, go ahead walk on it, but only in your carpet slippers. Most carpets will dry in an hour or so, but if you need it early, accelerate drying by using fans. But as a precaution against staining, leave the protective pads on, until carpets are completely dry.

At Inner West Carpet Cleaning Services, finishing any job on time is one of our top priorities. We assure you that your home will be back to normal in a jiffy. There’s a reason why we are ranked among the best carpet cleaning companies in Inner West, NSW.


Please call Carpet Cleaning Inner West at 1300 41 81 41 or complete the following form and our client services team will be in touch as soon as possible to help you define and handle your carpet cleaning needs.

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